Working in bronze, glass, and ceramic and incorporating found objects, both natural and man-made, Uschi Schmid creates art that provokes a reaction: as a viewer, you may be moved to laughter or shocked. You may be inspired to contemplate an everyday object or your own body from a new angle. Look at the world through the eyes of this inspired artist and see a pumice stone transformed into a fish or a glass boat which seems formed from the ripples of the sea itself!

Drawing on the aesthetic of the Classical Greek idealized human form and the modern appreciation for focusing on fragmented antiquities, Uschi has created a series of her own idealized masks and graceful torsos in homage to the ancient artists. Fast-forward to the modern era, and this gifted sculptor continues to focus on the human body with wit, whimsy and wicked humor. Even the prosaic condom is elevated to a work of art-shocking and amusing, these sculptures are powerfully evocative, an emblem of our era!