ursula schmid

Uschi Schmid

Born in Scheyern, a small town in Bavaria, this German artist led an adventuresome and creative childhood, assisting local monks in creating dioramas of Bible stories and helping the proprietress of the local junkyard look for salvageable goods. Her first stretches of the imagination were looking for pictures in the clouds during a long convalescence and her first sculptures were assembled from delightful discards that caught her fancy. The dioramas taught her the power of creating a sculptural representation of the world: how the assembled image could be more true and authentic than the materials from which it is formed.

Uschi's curiosity and taste for exploration led her to travel extensively in Europe, the USA, South America and Asia. Each culture has contributed to her world view, and to her sense of the universality of the language of art. Greece has been her home since 1987. She now lives and works on Santorini, finding creative expression in her own art and in creating Wave Art Gallery as a showcase for her work and select pieces by other artists.

With her travels limited to excursions in the winter, Uschi welcomes the world to her gem of a gallery in Oia, at the top of the stairs to the port of Armeni.